Free Technology for Teachers: Try Using ThingLink to Create Visual Prompts for Blog Comments

By using ThingLink in this way I can have students and more than just text comments in response to the visual prompt. To extend the activity I can have students look for YouTube videos and or websites that will help to explain answers to the questions generated by looking at the featured image.  Learn more: …

Where Do You Stand? The Shifting Ground of Strategy

We’re all trying our best to remain standing, but the ground beneath us is shifting at an accelerating rate. The implications for strategy are profound, but few have explored this terrain. Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching

Blogging as a Content Curation Hub

I want to take a look at curation through the lens of blogging. How can educators and students use their blogs to become their own information curators and content curators for others in their learning community. Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching

3 Ways to Build Trust for Professional Learning

According to Gallup, the factors of engagement, relationships, collaboration, hope, and trust are essential for learning and high performance. This is true not only for students, but also for teachers.  In fact, the report's headline grabber was that nearly 70% of teachers "are not emotionally connected to their workplaces and are unlikely to devote much …

Self-directed learning

Stephen D. Brookfield explores the notion of self-directed learning. He takes Knowles' (1975) influential definition as a starting point and then explores some of the problems surrounding the idea.... Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching

Highly Cited Researchers

InCites™ is a customized, citation-based research analytics tool on the Web that enables you to evaluate institutional productivity and benchmark your output against peers worldwide. Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching