POSTER: 7 MORE Back-to-School Ideas for a Great Class

Check out 7 MORE of these simple, yet powerful back-to-school lesson ideas, and your students might remember this first lesson of yours for a long, long time! Here's our second high quality Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching

How to Minimize Digital Classroom Distractions

As pointed out by Tom Daccord on Edudemic, when “the activity is engaging and challenging, there is an authentic audience, and prescribed time limits, students won’t mess around.” Design your lessons by ensuring that the length and intensity of your discussion are appropriate to the range of your students’ attention spans.     Source: …

Classic: What is success? Do You Have the Will to Lead and Answer the Toughest Questions? – Peter Koestenbaum

Philosopher Peter Koestenbaum poses the truly big questions: How do we act when risks seem overwhelming? What does it mean to be a successful human being?     How can we muster the guts to burn our bridges and to create a condition of no return?         {Have you asked yourself:]  How …

6 Ways Leaders Can Earn And Keep Trust

You can’t control much about others, but you can take these six steps to earn the badge of “trustworthy”—at least in most people’s eyes. Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching