How to Turn a Classroom Research Project into an Infographic | Edudemic

Conveying information in a striking, concise way has never been more important, and infographics are the perfect pedagogical tool with which to do so. Below, you’ll find my experience with designing an infographic-friendly classroom research project, explained in a step-by-step process you can implement in your own classroom. Source: See on - Assessment …

Excellent Tips to Stimulate Creativity ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Creativity block, similar to writer's block, is a mental state that makes you feel incapacitated and unable to generate new ideas to move the process of whatever you are working on ahead. I believe we have all experimented creative blocks at some point in our work but the good thing is that there are several …

Blended Learning Implementation Guide 2.0

September 25, 2013 - A DLN Smart Series paper with recommendations for developing and implementing an effective plan to adopt a blended learning model. Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching

What’s the distraction from learning?

One of the things many people hear about devices in the classroom, is how easily they can become a distraction. Does this exist?  Absolutely. But this is not just for students, but also teachers. Source: See on - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching