Why You Need LMS 365’s Course Creator


Creating training courses used to be a labor of love.

shutterstock_229609036Developing a full-blown course once took a lot of writing, editing, re-writing, copying and distribution efforts. We’ve come a long way from those early days and the processes just keep getting better and better.

LMS 365 is a good example of how efficiency and accuracy has been increased by using the latest technology. Here’s how it works:

1. A manager has some great ideas for online courses in her place of work. She takes those thoughts and creates individual online course catalogs.
2. In these course catalogs she may address a number of different subjects. One course catalog, for example, may be labeled “New employees” and include a training guide, tips to setting up voicemail and email and specific job requirements. Another folder may be called “Sales team” and contain sales goal and incentives, information on upcoming marketing promotions and…

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This brief post is intended as a guide to joining in on the above chat.

1) It’s a slow chat. That means once the question is shared on Monday it’ll be up for discussion all week. This allows time for reflection.

2) It’s a positive sharing experience; the dream is to share ideas, strategies and reflections. It’s a @pedagoo inspired project; let’s keep that ethos.

3) It’s not about being right, it’s about thinking, sharing and developing ideas. This isn’t a debate, it’s a philosophical discussion.

4) A note on blogs; if you want to share a blog about that weeks topic it would be great. Post it once and people can have a look if they choose to. Please don’t just use it as a hashtag to spam all of your blogs on.

5) Try to use the hashtag; otherwise your wisdom may be lost in the echoing halls…

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