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The Stats on are a special favorite of many site owners — it’s our second-most visited screen. At a glance, you can see when you get the most traffic, which posts are making the biggest impact, who your most frequent commenters are, and more. It’s a great way to gain insights into your visitors and your site.

To complement our built-in stats and to give you even more information about your traffic, you can now use Google Analytics with, as part of the Business plan.

Add the Business plan to your site and get everything you need to build a great website, including support for Google Analytics. If you already added the Business plan to your site, start using Google Analytics today, from the SettingsAnalytics screen. Read on for more information about Google Analytics and using it with your site.

Getting started with Google Analytics on

Google Analytics is a…

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Transformational Six

Connected Teaching and Learning

How to search online is a topic in our book. Picture taken by Rory Cellan-Jones BBC How to search online is a topic in our book. Picture taken by Rory Cellan-Jones BBC

I recently read the article Clearing the Confusion between Technology Rich and Innovative Poor: Six Questions, by Alan November . Even if these are topics I study and work with everyday I think these 6 questions are worth asking. If you want to read the article in full I suggest you do that here. For now I would like to share the full text on question 1 because I think this is the first trap educators and school leaders fall into! We seem to assume that we know how to search for information online and that the answers we find there are correct as long as we use 3 different sources. I particularly like this quote: „The concept of the “digital native” knowing a lot more than the “digital immigrants” is largely a myth. Both…

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PracTICE: Learning To Learn-Digital CitizenShip

EDU: Digital CitiZENship, CyberSecurity, eSkills, Modern EDU by Gust MEES


Evolution of Education: Wordle Logo


Authentic PracTICE Through Global Collaboration

GUST-AVRIL2014-800px-2[GM] The authors of this blog post „@ICTPHMS (Dan KIRSCH’s Blog)“ and „@knolinfos (Gust MEES’s Blog)“ have met each other on Social MediaTwitter“ and decided one day to work together on a common blog about „Digital CitizenShip„, a „Global Collaboration“ from authors of the USA and Luxembourg (Europe) was born. Find below, please, OUR collaboration blog:


[GM]: below, part of the discussed on twitter

Added on 07/01/2015:

Lots of stuff I learned

Ideas:  using scenarios where the learners (students) play different roles to explain about GOOD and BAD behaviour on Social Media and let THEM blog about it. After the blogging THEY might ALSO create comics in a dialogue style whereTHEIR thoughts are included, such as I did in my…

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Why Twitter Will Never Connect All Educators.

My Island View

If there is one thing I truly understand about educators it is that they are slow to change. It might be from decades of people jumping in with the “latest and greatest” answer to a better way to do things in education, or some legislative mandate to fix it all through legislation, only to find it to fizzle out and fall way short when actually implemented. If teachers learned one thing from these experiences it is that, if you wait and ride it out long enough, all of these initiatives will all go away. The problem however is that many educators want to apply this sit and wait posture to anything that requires them leaving their zones of comfort.

The mindset of a 20th Century educator is very comfortable for most educators since they were trained for the most part by 20th century educators. A majority of educators…

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Generating Questions


Techniques shared at Trinity Teachmeet 22/01/15.

Silent Questions
An old one but a good one.
1) Provide students with a stimulus. (A picture, piece of text, music.)

2) In silence (I know, the name was a clue) students write down any questions that they can think of based on this.
Note: I prefer this with pictures/text printed on a separate sheet with space for students to write around the outside.

3) At this point you can either…
i. Share questions. (Partner/Group/Class.)
ii) Try to get others to answer each students questions. (Pair or as a carousel; if you use carousel get students to initial responses.)
iii) Set the student the challenge of finding these out by the end of the lesson. (Use unanswered questions as a possible plenary activity or allow them to do option ii above later in the lesson.)

Question Plenary
It’s as simple as it sounds. At…

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Guess My Grade


This was a slightly odd bit of research which came about from a chat with @CParkinson535. We were chatting about assessment on Twitter and he asked if I ever checked what students would predict their grade to be before a test, then compare the results against reality. I’d considered it, after reading Hattie’s work, but never tried it. Eventually curiosity won.

The Process
Remarkably simple…
1) Students predicted their grades the day before our test.
2) We did an test (using a past exam paper).
3) Marked test.
4) Compared results (this is the interesting bit.)

I was open about what I was doing with students the whole time (using them for a bizarre experiment fuelled by Twitter, pedagogical geekery and curiosity) and shared the results with them.

The Results
These surprised us all, 50% were accurate and all but one of the remaining students were above their predictions. The…

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Why Twitter Is The Best Professional Development

I thought the same at my starting point to join the Twitter community. What should that be? Any kind of help? It’s only a great hurly-burly.
But giving it a try was the best thing I could do.
And I would add one thing: it is decisive if you find the right people, @mrkempz is one of them. Twitter can be the best Professional development ever cause of the structure of this PD. You choose your own way, you follow your interests because you know best what you need.

Escapades in Early Childhood

twitter pic I will admit that I was skeptical at first.  I had looked at Twitter at one point and determined that all of those hashtags made absolutely no sense to me.  I had the idea that it was for celebrities and a much younger generation.  That all changed when I happened upon an article similar to this one by @mrkempnz about setting up an Educational Twitter Account.  I decided to give it a try.  Being a part of the educational community on Twitter has given me opportunities to collaborate outside of my district walls and learn about what others are doing to improve their teaching and the field of education.  Through  participation in Twitter Chats I am able to spend my time engaged in professional development that interests me, and is completely free.  I am able to ask questions, search for chats that are of interest to me, and develop new…

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