Take the pain out of marking homework with CorrectiveFeedback

CorrectiveFeedback enables you to automate a large part of the marking process and to also make the feedback you give more effective. It does this through using a number of marking ‘grids’ which you can customise to the needs of your students and the nature of your assignment. Source: quickshout.blogspot.co.uk See on Scoop.it - Assessment …

9 Ways to Provide Choice in Your Classroom

As humans, we need some power and we need some freedom. Battles and boredom are often a result of students not feeling that they have power and freedom. Source: thesciencepenguin.com See on Scoop.it - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching

Twitter for Learning: The Past, Present and Future

And since then, plenty more forward-thinking learning professionals have recognised the value of Twitter for their own professional learning – with Twitter rising to the top of the Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2008 and staying in that position for the last 6 years. Now, of course Twitter has become mainstream, brands and celebrities have their …

Sharing: A Responsibility of the Modern Educator

The educator becomes a connected educator and through sharing, is an active participant and contributor to the connected educator movement. Being a connected educator means connecting with other teachers to exchange ideas, improve your teaching practice, and in turn, make a change in education. It is only through being connected that we can collaborate and …

How to Crowdfund Your Classroom

If you’re like most teachers, you spend a crazy amount of your own money on your classroom. In fact, this Forbes article explains that teachers spend an average of $513 each year on classroom supplies, books, and their own professional development. Source: http://www.edudemic.com See on Scoop.it - Assessment | Learning and Teaching | Coaching