9 Easy Career Hacks That Very Few People Actually Do


I gave a presentation to Womensphere a few months ago on the most valuable lessons I learned early in my career. Back when I was an entry-level investment banking analyst at Bear Stearns (R.I.P.), our trainers gave us some basic advice on how to be a good analyst. At the time these sounded obvious but now with hindsight, I think that most of your success in your career is just executing on these basic points.

If you follow the steps below, you’re well on your way to being a top quartile performer.

1. Listen and write down what you hear.

I was told to always carry a notebook (now a smartphone), because clients and your seniors will ask you to do tasks. If you write down those tasks and actually execute them, you become known as someone worth asking to carry out these undertakings.

In my role as a venture…

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