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2 Simple Ways Improve a Lesson Plan via @coolcatteacher

Sometimes small changes can take a lesson plan from “OK” to “Yeah!” By improving the rigor and fun in each lesson, you can improve student learning and make your classroom more exciting. Learn practical tips from super-teacher Laura Candler that will help you make your lessons more engaging and memorable. This is a must-listen for …

4 online learning trends that will change the way you create training

Learners in 2016 are different to learners in 2010. Modern learners want bite-sized learning that they can complete during breaks in work hours. They want mobile learning they can quickly consume on their smartphones. And they want to be entertained and challenged with games! Here are 4 online learning trends that will definitely change the …

Should I Download That App? A Ten Question Checklist for Choosing Tools by Kerry Callagher

Many educators are playing the student engagement game. They wonder, “How can I get my students excited to learn? How can I ensure they will not get distracted easily?” Since tablets, Chromebooks, and smartphones have become commonplace in classrooms, the easy answer is to find a new shiny tech tool Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.edsurge.com